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Qurtuba Islamic Academy is a private Muslim school that offers both Islamic and secular educational instruction. The curriculum is broadly governed by the Department of Education’s CAPS Policy. Learners write the public National Senior Certificate Examination in Grade 12, which for successful candidates, results in being awarded with a school-leaving certificate.


Currently, QIA offers academic placements from Grade 000 - Grade 10. Our first graduating class of matriculants will be in 2021.


Our newly built school officially opened in January 2018, and is located on a beautifully lush and green property in Linbro Park. Bright classrooms that boast state-of-the-art technology, lead into spacious gardens and social spaces, making Qurtuba Islamic Academy an inspiring setting to learn in.


We are fully staffed with experienced and qualified secular and Islamiyaat teachers, and offer small class sizes to ensure a better learning environment and individual attention. 

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Qurtuba Online Academy is a digital Islamic school based in South Africa. Our Cambridge-accredited dual-curriculum ensures students a broad academic future, while simultaneously providing access to quality Islamic studies subjects, including Arabic. 


Our classes provide all the necessary resources for students to thrive in a self-directed learning environment. Using the flipped learning methodology, students are provided with vibrant, engaging presentations, pre-recorded videos and other resources to engage with subject matter before live lessons, in which the teacher facilitates completion of problem-solving activities. This way students are able to familiarise themselves with subject matter in a meaningful way, at their own pace, before applying it practically.


Say goodbye to the scramble for good schools, because the future is a nice place to learn.

Visit us on qurtubaonline.co.za or call +27101091784. You can also email us at info@qurtubaonline.co.za.

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